Neil and Olwen's Wedding



I had a great time photographing my friends' Neil Cran and Olwen Thorn's wedding last weekend. They couldn't choose a regular location but opted for Tap O'Noth instead. Fortunately the rain held off although the overcast sky made for challenging conditions. It was my first wedding so there was plenty for me to learn although my experience with sports photography prepared my a little.

Alan Telford Photography

Knockburn Loch Triathlon



I have recently joined Knockburn Sports loch as a place to try out my new canoe. I managed to wangle the job as official photographer for their standard Triathlon there on 2nd August

For more photos of the event go to

KnockBurn Tri

Mike And Cary's Wedding


I must have done something right with Neil and Olwen's wedding as Carys (Olwen's sister) asked me back to do her wedding in 2017. It was a beautiful event at Thainstone House Hotel.

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